Bliss Babe

Today is March 2 and the new issue of Bliss Babe Magazine came out yesterday, The paper version will hit the stands next week but the digital version is up and ready to go. My interview with Bliss Babe is on page 26 and after reading the article for the first time I had tears in my eyes.

I was not expecting such a personal article and it caught me completely by surprise. The tears came for a number of reasons, sadness of what I went through this past year, pride for what I have accomplished, and hope that my story will help others. 

It has been a long journey full of self discovery and learning hoe to love myself and follow my dreams. Be strong, stay true to yourself always, and never let anyone treat you poorly and make you feel worthless.

We are all amazing and can do anything we put our minds and our hearts to. 

I hope you enjoy the article. Page 26