Late Nights and Early Morinings

The good news is the coffee shops and cafe's are selling Mindful Cupcakes like crazy! SUP in Midtown sold out this week as well as Great Basin Community COOP!

This means Friday night was spent in the bakery pulling an all nighter to guarantee cupcake deliveries for the Saturday morning rush at your favorite hot spots.  It's at this moment, a moment of "how am I going to get this done?",  when your best friend offers to watch the kids and you can breathe again!  Baking is very relaxing for me and I have always been a night person.  Their is something magical about the solitude of the night, when no sounds can be heard, and most of the world is asleep. 

For me, that is when I get the most creative.  While baking is relaxing for me, when your a one woman show frosting, packaging, and labeling 200 cupcakes can get a bit overwhelming.  What gets me through an all nighter is thinking of all my customers awaiting their delicious and healthy cupcakes. As I delivered this morning on only a few hours of sleep, it was all worth it to re-stock each location in Reno with Mindful Cupcakes by 8:00 a.m.


Mindful Cupcakes making someone's morning worth while! Reno, NV