Bliss Babe

Today is March 2 and the new issue of Bliss Babe Magazine came out yesterday, The paper version will hit the stands next week but the digital version is up and ready to go. My interview with Bliss Babe is on page 26 and after reading the article for the first time I had tears in my eyes.

I was not expecting such a personal article and it caught me completely by surprise. The tears came for a number of reasons, sadness of what I went through this past year, pride for what I have accomplished, and hope that my story will help others. 

It has been a long journey full of self discovery and learning hoe to love myself and follow my dreams. Be strong, stay true to yourself always, and never let anyone treat you poorly and make you feel worthless.

We are all amazing and can do anything we put our minds and our hearts to. 

I hope you enjoy the article. Page 26

With the Mindful Cupcake Photo Shoot complete, now the question is which shot to use for my new marketing campaign. Marketing a healthy cupcake is tough and requires a lot of education on my part. What is Paleo, how can a cupcake possibly be healthy, and it it's healthy how can it taste good!

I have my work cut out for me but I'm so excited to bring this product to the world and with one bite I know you all will fall in love with Mindful Cupcakes as I have.

Palomino Valley, Nevada

Palomino Valley, Nevada

We are Paleo Certified!

As of 8 AM this morning our Paleo Certification process was completed and Mindful Cupcakes are now Paleo Certified!

It's been a long road but this brings me one more step closer to my goals with Mindful Cupcakes. It's so important that we know what is in our food and now you know that Mindful Cupcakes really are what I say they are! Thank you to the Paleo Foundation for helping us through this process!

Certified Paleo Logo.png

Back to College

Yesterday I was at University Of Reno presenting Mindful Cupcakes to the Graduate Marketing Classes! My business was chosen to be taken on as a client and class project by the Professor of Marketing. 

It was definitely a little nerve racking speaking in front of two classes of 50 students each but all in all I think I pulled it off! Describing Mindful Cupcakes, it's health benefits, amazing taste, and the vision behind my product, and answering all of their questions was exhilarating. 

We will meet again in April and the students will present their ideas for Mindful Cupcakes! 


In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you
— Buddha's Little Instruction Book

Late Nights and Early Morinings

The good news is the coffee shops and cafe's are selling Mindful Cupcakes like crazy! SUP in Midtown sold out this week as well as Great Basin Community COOP!

This means Friday night was spent in the bakery pulling an all nighter to guarantee cupcake deliveries for the Saturday morning rush at your favorite hot spots.  It's at this moment, a moment of "how am I going to get this done?",  when your best friend offers to watch the kids and you can breathe again!  Baking is very relaxing for me and I have always been a night person.  Their is something magical about the solitude of the night, when no sounds can be heard, and most of the world is asleep. 

For me, that is when I get the most creative.  While baking is relaxing for me, when your a one woman show frosting, packaging, and labeling 200 cupcakes can get a bit overwhelming.  What gets me through an all nighter is thinking of all my customers awaiting their delicious and healthy cupcakes. As I delivered this morning on only a few hours of sleep, it was all worth it to re-stock each location in Reno with Mindful Cupcakes by 8:00 a.m.


Mindful Cupcakes making someone's morning worth while! Reno, NV

What is Living Mindfully?

This is my first post and I am so excited to share my Mindful Living along with my amazing cupcakes to you! My name is Christina and I am 31 years old, though I can pass for 18. I want to share my age with you because I have seen a lot in my life, I have been down roads that most people could never imagine.  I am also a proud single mom with two little girls! Savannah age 7, and Brooklyn, age 4. Together with our rescue dog Marley, two guinea pigs (Big Mama Lou and Diamond), and our newest addition a Thoroughbred horse named Hero, we are a family.  Though not perfect we love and live life to the fullest!

When I was 21 I began a path of self discovery and this 10 year path has led me to finally understand what it is to live Mindfully!  Life is tough and will always have curve balls to throw at us no matter how much we plan and learn from our past mistakes.  Their is always new lessons to learn.

To me living Mindfully is being conscious of who we are, how we love ourselves, and how we love others. To truly know who we are as individuals is a gift and brings an amazing sense of peace. Nothing can shake us from who we are unless we allow it. We are Mindful of what we put into our bodies. We are Mindful of our environment and show love for our earth with our Mindful choices.  We are Mindful of how we treat others and of how others treat us.

I am so excited to share my journey with you!